Hillary, Harry Briefly in Same Room

After causing such a fuss by noting that Clinton and Belafonte were the featured guests at a Children’s Defense Fund’s event, The Politicker has a report back from the Rainbow Room event from intern Amy Odell.

“Clinton breezed in and out and had no interaction with Belafonte,” she reports.

Indeed, it seems that Hillary was in something of a hurry.

“Maureen Cogan, vice chair of CDF’s board of directors, introduced Clinton and then began to play a video, but stopped it abruptly and announced it would play at the end of the presentation because the Senator had to go and needed to give her speech immediately. She criticized tax cuts ‘for people like me and my husband’ while funding for foster care was cut.

“When Clinton finished she exited the podium the side opposite of the reporters, who ran out of the dining room around to the elevator bank to catch her, but she was already gone.”

Belafonte fans, however, shouldn’t get too down. The other notable guest, actress Marlo Thomas, was “all over” the musician, according to an observer at the event. Hillary, Harry Briefly in Same Room