How Haute Living Treats Guests

Our friends at Curbed already pointed out the “awkward photoshop job.” But the awkwardness was not fully realized until diving into The Real Estate’s archives.

This photo appeared in the promotional materials for Cipriani Club Residences. It was delivered in a handsome tote bag that was given out by children (dressed as old-fashioned paperboys), following Mary J. Blige’s performance at 55 Wall Street.

Under the original photo the tag reads, “Cipriani Club member Naomi Campbell with Giuseppe Cipriani and guest.”

Must be quite a letdown for our suave guest who always wears his sunglasses at night.

One minute, you’re drinking and laughing with supermodels, and the next minute you wind up on the cutting room floor of a luxury real estate magazine.

-Michael Calderone How Haute Living Treats Guests