In Like Quinn

In a chamber uncharacteristically packed with the city’s top powerbrokers, the City Council elected Chris Quinn its speaker this afternoon, making her the first woman and openly gay person to hold the job. Quinn received glowing tributes from several colleagues on the Council, and choked up several times during the course of her remarks, especially when she described herself as “incredibly proud that in the most diverse city in the world, diversity is seen as a strength and not an impediment.”

But it was when she recalled “my father stuck out his chest…. and said – you forgot Irish you Bum,” that Tom Manton, the man who effectively decided to make Quinn speaker, rose to his feet.

Mr. Manton, seemed rather displeased, however when Brooklyn’s Charles Barron abstained from voting.

Manton replied by noting that 50 of Quinn’s colleagues had no problem voting for her.

“I don’t know where the 51st went,” he told reporters.

In Like Quinn