In Today’s Observer

I look at a Madison Avenue adman, Ellis Verdi, who’s getting into politics, taking on what he sees as “the same five hacks making the same five ads over and over.” David Axelrod and David Garth fire back, while Ogilvy chief and Politicker icon Shelly Lazarus takes Verdi’s side.

Terry Golway reviews the state of the Republican Party — “As the wife of a man who has done time, Ms. Pirro does bring a certain perspective to law enforcement that none of her Democratic challengers can match” and also reviews Richard Reeves’s new Reagan book.

Matt Schuerman tries to decipher the doings at the Javits Center, whose plans still seem determined in part by a stadium that doesn’t exist. He does not, however, find anyone with — in Joe Bruno’s phrase — his hand in his butt. He does find Richard Brodsky forcing Charlie Gargano to reconfigure the $1.4 billion expansion plan, and maybe put it on those train yards that the Jets abandoned.

And don’t miss Jason Horowitz’s inauguration day with Liza. In Today’s Observer