It’s On

So the question in the Attorney General primary has been which candidate would take the first direct, on-record whack at Andrew Cuomo.

And the answer is…Mark Green.

In an email to supporters today, the campaign forwards a note from his new consultant, Hank Sheinkopf.


“On the merits, Mark is head and shoulders better qualified than Andrew Cuomo…. If “the best rationale wins,” as Mario Cuomo always said, then on the merits Mark’s a winner…

“Andrew Cuomo does have a modest head start in polls, almost entirely because of his last name recognition upstate…but then he also had that same head start in 2002 before quitting once voters began paying attention.

“Last week’s Quinnipiac Poll, showing both Mark and Andy defeating Jeanine Pirro, was interesting in this context. Among Democrats statewide, which is our “primary” concern, Mark had a 33% favorable vs. a 9% unfavorable, for a 24 percentage point net favorable — while Andy had a 31% vs. 14% unfavorable, for a 17 percentage point net favorable. So where people know both, Mark’s measurably more appealing.”

“Andy.” Just like old times.

It’s On