Kerry Takes Nuanced Stance on GQ

“You read GQ to pick suits and ties, not to pick a commander-in-chief… As a GQ fashionista would say, the magazine’s political coverage has the longevity of the Soul Patch and the sophistication of The Mullet.” – John Kerry spokesman David Wade on GQ‘s upcoming article on his client. (Quoted by Lloyd Grove, The New York Daily News, January 19, 2006.)

“In the September 2004 issue of GQ, Senator John Kerry sits down with the magazine’s deputy editor Michael Hainey, who bellies up to the bar with the contender and dares him to show some personality. Kerry reveals his favorite sports heroes and actresses, his greatest athletic moment, and gives advice on what to look for in a woman. In the interview, ‘A Beer with John Kerry,’ Kerry says he loves GQ and always has it around the house.” – Unsigned Press Release, August. 16, 2004.

Matt Haber Kerry Takes Nuanced Stance on GQ