Langone, Bundler

Ken Langone, who has kind of vanished from haunting Eliot Spitzer in recent days, pops up as expected in Tom Suozzi’s campaign filing.

He and his family contributed $64,000 to Suozzi’s “liberation” (as Tom has described it); Citizen Action counts up a total of more than $500,000 linked to Langone. (Some of those links seem a bit thin, but much is from Home Depot execs and other friends.)

An interesting footnote: The liberal groups headquartered in that low-rise on Third Avenue in Brooklyn (Acorn, Citizen Action, Working Families) seem to have it out for Suozzi, as Acorn’s Bertha Lewis demonstrated the other day, and as Citizen Action showed today. The Working Families Party has already endorsed Spitzer. Does that make Eliot the candidate of the Left? Langone, Bundler