Neighborhood of the Year?

The last installment of Curbed’s 2005 awards came through this afternoon. Rather unscientific reader polling seems to make Prospect Heights the neighborhood of the year for readers of the real-estate Web log, unseating last year’s champion, Fort Greene.

The neighborhood, which is on the other side from Manhattan of every other Brooklyn neighborhood your friends live in except Ditmas Park, won the Curbed Cup in a landslide, beating out trendy Dumbo and Manhattan’s own Lower East Side.

But the author admits that some local zealots may have piled on to give the neighborhood its 37 percent share of the 400-some-odd votes.

And there’s plenty of internecine Brooklyn mudslinging in the comments.

Not making the top four (only they are itemized), even among Curbed’s rather sophisticated readership, are neighborhoods like Nolita, Williamsburg, Chelsea, and last year’s beauty queen, Fort Greene.

– Tom McGeveran Neighborhood of the Year?