O’Donnell and Whitehead, Cont’d

I still don’t have a clear explanation as to why Spitzer foe John Whitehead gave $10,000 to a Democrat, Denise O’Donnell, promising to “make sure that we continue the Elliot Spitzer tradition of strong, professional and non-political leadership in the Attorney General’s office.”

But O’Donnell’s campaign manager (and son) Jack offered a partial explanation. The two were introduced, he said, by fund-raiser Robin Duke. They actually “argued” about Spitzer, with O’Donnell defending him

“She said that just because things were tolerated for years doesn’t mean they aren’t crimes,” he said.

Then Whitehead amiably promised a check; the campaign was surprised by the $5,000 sum, and then by another, unsolicited $5,000 from Whitehead that floated in several weeks later. O’Donnell and Whitehead, Cont’d