Piling on ACORN

Over at the Drum Major Institute’s blog, Mark Winston Griffith (who should keep at the blogging thing, which he’s good at) writes of his ambivalence about the activist group/organizing firm ACORN, which “has muddied the idea of community organizing as a process of developing grassroots leadership and building community power.”

“To be fair, ACORN, nationally, has often been a force for good, wringing concessions from corporate exploiters and building social justice institutions. To assert their legitimacy, ACORN’s will point to the thousands of members they have. But if you have ever been to an event organized by ACORN in New York or a meeting with an ACORN organizer, it’s hard to see their members as little more than animated props and set pieces in ACORN’s elaborate political theater.”

There’s some piling on in the comments section.

Semi-relatedly, the quite good (and also anti-Ratner) new Brooklynite magazine casts Brooklyn beep and Atlantic Yards supporter Marty Markowitz as “the living embodiment of Brooklyn’s inferiority complex.” Piling on ACORN