Read It and Weep

Every now and then, The Real Estate researches a property that literally makes us want to kill ourselves (ourself? first-person plural is so difficult to master; our blood runs green from envy, not blue). Well, today is that difficult day. We’re sitting at home, admiring our linoleum floors with those damn spots/crud/compacted roach carcasses that just won’t come out and our permanently stained paint job where our cat, Murray, had the forsight to somehow fling that glass of Christmas wine (thanks, Mr. Carter) against the wall (BTW, flat paint absorbs everything).

And then this: The Landmarks Preservation Commission just approved a new project for the corner of N. Moore and West Broadway, No. 230-234, where Steven Schnall, the C.E.O. of New York Mortage Trust, and his wife Sherri are going to build an L-shaped split-story building that’ll feature–get this–six bedrooms and seven baths, a two-car garage, a gym and offices, a 50-foot indoor pool, a screening room and a landscaped courtyard with steps leading up to a larger main garden in the interior space. It’ll be around 10,000 square feet and, according to the Post, be worth around $10 million to $13 million when it’s completed in 2007.

But then again, we live in Brooklyn, so we’re much cooler. Right?

-Matthew Grace Read It and Weep