Running Away From Hillary?

An aide to Claire McCaskill, who is running for Senate from Missouri, were quick to deny a Newsday report that Hillary is planning to help the candidate raise money.

“The story wasn’t true,” said McCaskill spokesman Tony Wyche of the mention of his candidate in a story on Hillary’s various fund-raising plans. Wyche said he’s checked with his fund-raising operation. “There hasn’t been any such offer” from Clinton.

The information in the original clearly came from Clinton’s camp. And a source there tells The Politicker that Hillary wants/plans to help McCaskill, but hasn’t organized it yet, making this more of a miscommunication, perhaps, than a bona fide flap.

Wyche, meanwhile, said his candidate is “open to” help from all over…though he couldn’t quite manage to let Hillary’s name pass his lips, despite The Politicker’s repeated efforts to bait him into it.

But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s veteran political reporter Jo Mannies, who broke the story on her blog, has some interesting details on a heartland Democrat’s ambivalent relationship with names like Clinton, Schumer, and — most of all — Dean.

Running Away From Hillary?