Speaker Theater

Yesterday may have been the marked by the ceremony surrounding the Mayor’s inauguration, but it was the Speaker’s race that made for the most interesting political theater, or at least choreography.

As speaker candidate Christine Quinn stepped out of Gifford Miller’s office, she stopped dead in her tracks, noticing that her main rival for the job, Bill de Blasio, was speaking frantically on his phone in a City Hall foyer crowded with just about every commissioner and pol in city government. Quinn’s entourage quickly closed ranks around her, and they all stepped back, strategizing in whispers about how to make it to the door without bumping into de Blasio. Their apparent solution was to form a tight circle around her, using a Councilmember buffer to get her safely to the door.

According to this blog,which keeps an eye on the race, Queens county leaders have given up on electing one of their own, and are planning to again cash in their voting bloc in the form of key chairmanships.

“Where Queens goes, the Speaker goes,” Queens Councilman David Weprin told The Politicker yesterday. Speaker Theater