Suozzi’s Lieber-Man

The Politicker has learned that Tom Suozzi‘s been talking to political consultant Dan Gerstein, a longtime advisor to Joe Lieberman with a reputation like his old boss’s for crossing some of the traditional Democratic interest groups, notably the teachers’ unions, and who is not a favorite of the people he likes to call the Democrats’ “angry activist base.”

“He’s given us some advice, but we don’t have a campaign at this time,” Suozzi aide Kim Devlin said when asked if Gerstein was on the campaign.

The connection makes some sense. Suozzi, along with Shelly Silver (an odd couple), was one of the early, prominent supporters of Senator’s 2004 presidential bid.

“Senator Lieberman is a big fan of Tom Suozzi’s and through my exposure to Tom under Sen Lieberman I became a big fan as well,” Gerstein says. “I’m interested in helping him advance his reform agenda in New York in any way I can.”

Gerstein has a new blog, on which he’s been recently clashing with the “angry activist base.” The folks on DailyKos, it seems, weren’t thrilled with a recent op-ed of his in the Wall Street Journal.

Suozzi’s Lieber-Man