Suozzi’s Squatter

You don’t have to be Jeanine Pirro, it turns out, to attract cyber-squatters.

Tom Suozzi didn’t move fast enough to grab, which takes visitors directly to Eliot Spitzer’s home page.

A Spitzer plot? Not so much.

Turns out the owner is a Boylston, MA resident named Wayne Bates, apparently acting of his own accord. He emails:

“I figure why NOT own the domain of a guy who looks like he’s about to become a Republican – especially if it will help Eliot in any way, shape or form.

“ANY Democrat who would ever consider taking the nod from the GOP – especially today’s DELAY/ABRAMOFF GOP – to run against another Democrat deserves NO support at all from ANY Dem anywhere in the country! Let’s see how long Tom lasts with DELAY/ABRAMOFF hung around his neck. Heck, he already shares Delay’s first name.

“I also own the “dot net” as well.” Suozzi’s Squatter