The Bloomberg Factor

People around City Hall have said for a while that Mike would prefer Chris Quinn as Speaker to Bill de Blasio.

And here’s a tidbit in support of that thesis: Quinn retained as a consultant on her run Josh Isay, the same ex-Schumer aide who was a consultant to Bloomberg’s reelection campaign. (It was a very good year for Isay and partner Micah Lasher, who also ran Scott Stringer’s campaign for Borough President.)

But why would Mike like Chris? She’s genuinely combative, and played a key role in foiling the stadium project.

Still, she’s by her roots a local pol, not — like de Blasio — a Democratic operative who might have set himself up as an ideological or partisan challenger to the Mayor.

What’s more, de Blasio might have fit more easily into the role of rallying constituencies outside the Mayor’s liberal Manhattan base. He’s an outer-borough guy with an Italian name. His roots in the black community go back to his years with Dinkins. He has ties to Democratic activists around Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Chris’s personal style is much more combative than Bill’s or Gifford Miller’s, but her base is a subset of Mike’s own. So the threat she poses to Mike seems, like Giff’s, limited.

NOTE: One other indicator I neglected to mention: Borough Park’s Simcha Felder came out for Chris in a fashion particularly damaging to de Blasio, something one thinks he might have at least run past the folks in Bloomberg’s political operation after working so hard for Mike’s reelection. The Bloomberg Factor