The Orchid [em]What[/em], Now?

The New York Timesportrait of Susan Orlean’s $2 million country hideaway is full of entertaining bits about the luxe life the writer enjoys with her new, previously married HMO honcho spouse: the multi-continent dating life, the jacuzzi for two, the plan to acquire livestock in breeds that color-coordinate with Orlean’s “flame-colored” hair. Bonus points for hiring an architect who’s “a believer in architecture as a process” (Who wouldn’t be? Products, you pay for by the piece; processes you pay for by the hour).

But the highlight is the conclusion:

“The house gives you so many incentives to sit quietly. It encourages contemplation and we watch the clouds move over the hills,” said the intrepid adventuress, now content to watch a bird at a feeder for an hour.

Just because the lady landed herself a lucrative hubby, there’s no need to be all snippy about it. The Orchid [em]What[/em], Now?