This Is Going to Take Some Time

Last night, the Board of Standards and appeals held a hearing for a proposed 11-story, 25,053-square-foot residential building at 428 Greenwich Street at the corner of Canal. As reported here last year, the project was originally a partnership between sculptor Arman and developer Red Brick Canal.

Now it’s just Red Brick. Illustrating how tortuous the city bureaucracy can be, Arman died late last year, before the project could get off the ground.

Red Brick, though, is still pushing its plans through. It’s seeking a variance to allow a 7.98 floor-area ratio, up from 6.02, in order to get a “reasonable rate of return.” And Community Board 2 zoning chair David Reck still thinks that an increase in bulk is unwarranted.

Interesting note: The lot is the site of a former gas station, which doesn’t have a paper trail to confirm that contaminants were cleaned up. The costs for that, and the fact that there’s such heavy traffic nearby that the building will require triple-glazed windows and heavy-duty ventilation to keep out the pollution, are hardship factors, according to the developer, which might sway the B.S.A. into granting a variance.

A continuance of the hearing is scheduled for March 7. Let’s hope everybody’s around for that one. (City Realty)

-Matthew Grace This Is Going to Take Some Time