Tom Loses Nassau

The political problems in Tom Suozzi‘s backyard became real today as the Nassau County Legislature elected a Republican, Peter Schmitt, its presiding officer. Two Democrats, Roger Corbin and Lisanne Altman, got the number two and three posts, in exchange for backing GOP leadership.

“This is a sign of his weakness,” Schmitt spokesman Ed Ward said of Suozzi. “Suozzi failed to enter a breach within his own Democratic party in Nassau County, and because he didn’t act as the honest broker and a statesman and bridge the gap within his own party.”

Schmitt added, “He’s run this county like a stromtrooper for the last few years. But we’re just going to deliver only what we asked for – and that is that all legislation entered by the County Executive or any of the 19 legislators will see the light.”

Like a stormtrooper! These guys must love one another.

Ward denied, of course, that the GOP would try to make trouble for Suozzi’s statewide ambitions.

Tom Loses Nassau