Tuesday’s News

The New York Times profiles what is supposedly the largest for-sale-by-owner website in the country, based in Madison, Wisconsin. For $150 bucks, the seller gets a listing–and a free yard sign. (Can those things go in the window of a fourth-floor walk-up also?) Says a Wisconsin regulator, “The majority of residential transactions are very simple: 99 percent can be done without a broker. And the 1 percent screwed up – the broker couldn’t have prevented it.”

Self-service has its limits, however, as seen by the fate of the 1938 Horn and Hardart’s Automat, where a nickel once bought you a coffee and a sticky bun. Long since abandoned to full-service restaurants, the building, at 104 W. 57th St., will now be replaced completely, Steve Cuozzo relates. No word on future plans by owners, which include William L. Haines.

A waning housing market has become such a given that economists are predicting what effects it will have on the overall economy. The Wall Street Journal‘s semi-annual survey of 56 economists predicts—guess—a soft landing.

Donald Trump says he’s having too much fun talking about a run for president to take time off and run for governor.

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion says he supports the new Yankee Stadium if… a whole bunch of other things get done, like turning the old stadium into a community ball field with a new high school for sports industry careers attached. Fie, responds Yankees antognisti Save Our Parks.

And for those who thought there was finally peace between transit workers and the M.T.A., it turns out this secret side agreement on pensions has become the rallying cry for union dissidents to vote down the contract.

Matthew Schuerman Tuesday’s News