Two Trees Tries Again … and Fails

Brooklyn Community Board 6, at its monthly full-board meeting last night, put the ixnay on Two Trees’ long-sought-after proposal to turn the parking lot of Independence Bank, at 130 Court Street, into a six-story residential complex.

Two Trees has gone before the board before to develop the property, which sits on the edge of the Cobble Hill Historic District. At issue then, as now, was the historic district’s 50-foot height restriction on new developments; in August of last year the company proposed a seven-story building on the lot, but the community board said no.

The company’s latest proposal was shorter: only 60 feet. But 60 is still greater than 50, and the board knows its math. And it appears that Two Trees’ insistence on a taller building is getting on the board’s nerves. Community Board 6 district manager Craig Hammerman told The Real Estate, “[Two Trees] hasn’t shown much interest in community input.”

Although the board’s decision is strictly advisory, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which must rule on the project before it can go forward, will likely listen closely to the board before making its decision.

-Matthew Grace

Two Trees Tries Again … and Fails