Unhappy in Harlem

Eliot Spitzer‘s choice of a Harlem favorite son as his candidate for Lieutenant Governor might have been expected to put the Harlem establishment firmly in his camp.

Instead, they’re furious.

A displeased Charlie Rangel told a group of women — at an event for Lieutenant Governor candidate Leecia Eve this morning — that Paterson had told him he wouldn’t run against Eve, and that David had never discussed it with him, Percy Sutton, or David Dinkins.

“I’m hurt,” Hazel Dukes, head of the New York State NAACP — a representative (but on record) voice, who was also at the breakfast, told The Politicker. “He has every right [to run], but he knows that Leecia Eve has been to the community for the last five months talking to people, getting commitments to support her.”

Sources around Eliot insist it’s a done deal, but Harlemites still aren’t sure David won’t be talked out of it. They also note that when he ran for Public Advocate, he did so without support from Rangel — or his father.

Unhappy in Harlem