Weekend Roundup

You may think Buddhists are all centered and less indecisive than the rest of us. Not so for Richard Gere. Apparently, the actor cannot make up his mind over which Hamptons mansion to take, according to the New York Post. Also, George Clooney, Ivana Trump, and Michael Jordan have trouble in Vegas.

Usher is searching for a $10 million downtown pad, according to New York magazine. Courtney Love’s Soho love nest is again on the market. And will Tom Ford ever have his “Wal-Mart on the Hill?”

Instead of looking at boring buildings this week, Christopher Gray writes about men dressed up like buildings, at the 1931 Beaux-Arts Ball. The event was billed as “modernistic, futuristic, cubistic, altruistic, mystic, architistic and feministic.” The Real Estate definitely would had been there.

There’s further evidence this weekend that real estate brokers can do anything, according to the New York Times. Now, they’ll find you a condo, and a spouse to go with it.

-Michael Calderone

Weekend Roundup