Welcome Back, Squeegee Man

You periodically hear rumors that New York’s iconic petty extortionist, the Squeegee Man, has reemerged at this park crossing or that tunnel entrance, but I don’t think I’d actually seen one since sometime in the 1990s.

There he was though yesterday, a wiry guy in a checked shirt, working the line of cars just past where the Holland Tunnel feeds on to Canal Street. (With the Giants performance yesterday, it was a real moment of early-1980s nostalgia. Where have you gone, Scott Bruner?)

The man did have a hunted look to him, and ducked into the scaffolding over the A/C/E station when a police van cruised by. So it’s hard to know if he’s a harbinger or just one perverse New Yorker who has chosen to commit the poorly-paid, cold, and dangerous form of minor disorder most likely to make local police commanders hysterical. Welcome Back, Squeegee Man