Zoey Halcyon Ojalvo

Sept. 9, 2005

7 pounds

Long Island College Hospital

After 11 years traveling the world together, free spirits Holly and Jason Ojalvo, both 35, finally settled down enough to produce this long, chubby-cheeked babe, who lives in the bottom half of the family’s Brooklyn Heights duplex. (“It’s sort of our TV room/office/my dressing room/her bedroom,” said Ms. Ojalvo, an English teacher at Packer Collegiate.) Then they were off again, traveling to Puerto Rico the week before Christmas with the bebé in tow. Little Zoey already takes after her father, a drummer and a vice president of marketing at the Orchard, a music-distribution company. When her parents put on hip-hop or reggae, she immediately starts jiggling. “She already has rhythm, you can tell,” Mom said proudly. Zoey Halcyon Ojalvo