A Karaoke Plan Gone Awry

aimee in gtown rev.jpg
Aimee and Karen in Georgetown

AIMEE: “It turns out,” my sister Karen starts in casually as we’re leaving the Georgetown Anthropologie, “we don’t have reservations for your bachelorette party after all! I called to confirm last night and they wrote it down on the wrong date!” she chirps super-nonchalantly. “They had it Friday night instead of Saturday!–and now they’re trying to fit us in but they just got this big party. But it’s going to be fine,” her words are coming faster now, “the guy’s calling me back this afternoon and he said he’d figure it out,” now the dam breaks, and whoosh, her despair rushes out, “I couldn’t sleep last night. I told him he has to help–the Evites have gone out! People are coming!”

My sis is literally shaking with anxiety about the confusion over karaoke night at Café Japone, and I must make her feel better. “The priority for me,” I explain to her very calmly, “is really just making sure I have plenty to drink that night.” I look her in the eye to make sure she gets it. “That’s what matters.”

The sun is shining, it’s not too cold out and we have the whole afternoon ahead of us. Even though we’ve had no success finding outfits for the bridal tea, I won’t let anything disturb these few peaceful hours — the calm before the storm.

Now in BCBG, I fix on a wild black and white patterned jersey knee-length dress and slip into the fitting room to try it on. I emerge and study Karen’s face for the initial reaction: The scrunched nose, the squished up mouth, the tilted head–not a winner.

After hours in Georgetown, we leave still lacking bridal tea outfits. But finally our new best friend calls from Cafe Japone. Karen picks up, listens…and gives me a thumbs up sign: It’s a go. A Karaoke Plan Gone Awry