A Stately Pleasure Dome

Next Stop, Sex Shop.

The Pleasure Chest may be best known for a Sex and the City episode involving the “Rabbit,” but the West Village sex shop has been around for decades.

Although it has remained in the same family’s hands since purchasing the building in 1981, the four-story townhouse was recently sold for a little over $3 million. Pleasure Chest president Brian Robinson decided to unload the unique building because he was now living out on the West Coast, spending his time running the Los Angeles shop.

“The building is really cool,” said top Corcoran broker Robby Browne, who worked alongside colleagues Maria Pashby and Chris Kann. “It’s like a post-modern structure.”

Upstairs, there is a triplex apartment with excellent views. And the downstairs shop should be able to keep up with the rent.

“Now we’re on the Sex and the City tour,” said Mr. Robinson. “We get about 5,000 girls a month!”

Hopefully, the new owners will be ready when the tour buses arrive.

Michael Calderone

A Stately Pleasure Dome