AG Update

Apparently, today was the day to drop big names in the AG’s race.

This morning, Mark Green pulled out the triple endorsement of David Dinkins, Judith Hope and Marty Markowitz. [In an earlier version, I tied these endorsements to the McCall/Cuomo race in 2002. Many of you were kind enough to let me know that I was wrong to do so. Firstly, Dinkins endorsed Mark for mayor over Freddy and Mark had worked for the Dinkins administration, so they go way back. Secondly, Hope wasn’t the state chairman during that primary, as I first wrote. It was, and still is, Herman Denny Farrell. Lastly, it was 4 years ago and some people have moved on.]

Not to be outdone, Andrew not only unveiled his website, but announced veteran media men David Axelrod and Jef Pollock are joining his team (something this site anticipated earlier).

Azi Paybarah AG Update