AP Salespeople Outraged!

There was something a bit odd about this story the AP moved yesterday, slamming the state Democrats for attaching the phrase “excerpted per AP policy” to excerpts on its Web site, when in fact the AP’s policy (under seige by the Web) is that they sell news, don’t give it away. This was compared to the Weld campaign passing off cleaned-up excerpts as full stories, which seemed a little odd; the question of whether the Democrats mis-stated Associated Press excerpting policy seems of interest only to Associated Press salespeople.

State Party consultant Howard Wolfson was diplomatic on Fred Dicker’s radio show in Albany this morning: “Earlier this year the AP called the state party and said that they were unhappy with the fact that the state party was placing their stories in full, that it was in violation of AP standards or what the AP was happy with…The AP contacted the state party yesterday with concerns that the stories were excerpted, and I think probably the best thing for the state party to do at this point would be to not run any of the AP stories on their website.”

Next: A lengthy Poliitcker analysis on the Daily News policy on crediting other news organizations. A matter of wide public interest today. AP Salespeople Outraged!