Belated IMterview: Ryan Moses

To help assuage the pains of Ben withdrawl some of you might be experiencing, here is a belated IMterview with

To help assuage the pains of Ben withdrawl some of you might be experiencing, here is a belated IMterview with state GOP spokesman Rob Ryan.

azipaybarah: how was your weekend?

Rmoses: good. we had a ball in Rochester that attracted over 3,000 people and netted the party over a million dollars

azipaybarah: who gets that money?

Rmoses: goes to various gop committees

Rmoses: specials elections are tomorrow

azipaybarah: how many do you expect to win?

Rmoses: we have good candidates out there with good messages,

Rmoses: we are deploying people all over the state so I hop we win them all

azipaybarah: would you bet on a full sweep?

Rmoses: lol, although I am a gambling man, I won’t make that bet

azipaybarah: me either

azipaybarah: so who was the big headliner in Rochester?

Rmoses: Steve Minarik

azipaybarah: hearing any complaints from GOP donors about having to trek out to Rochester?

Rmoses: its beautiful this time of year, and by the response it didn’t seem like to many complaints

azipaybarah: Rochester in February…cold just thinking about it

azipaybarah: did you get a chance to catch Tom Suozzi’s announcement on saturday?

Rmoses: the real story is despite all of their arm-twisting and backroom dealings,
Denny Farrell and Eliot Spitzer have failed in their attempts to undermine democracy, and scare Tom Suozzi out of the Governor’s race.

Rmoses: pretty pathetic

azipaybarah: sounds like you’re voting for him

azipaybarah: would you?

Rmoses: no chance of that! we have great candidates

azipaybarah: which is the greatest?

Rmoses: all would be better than eliot or tom, thats for sure

azipaybarah: that’s not the answer i was looking for

Rmoses: Weld seems to be gaining quickly and garnering the most support in the party

azipaybarah: is this IMterview tougher than you thought it would be?

Rmoses: you are much better at it then Ben

Rmoses: maybe he should take a longer vacation

azipaybarah: noo!!!!!!

azipaybarah: does the spin ever stop?

Rmoses: let the dems spin, were gonna win

azipaybarah: and you rap too?

Rmoses: learned it from my homie Ray hernandez at the Times

azipaybarah: can you rhyme anything with Spitzer?

azipaybarah: or Suozzi?

Rmoses: nothing you can print

azipaybarah: fair enough

azipaybarah: (I promised Ben I wouldn’t walk out over censorship this week)

Rmoses: lol, good for you

Rmoses: my fingers are getting tired

azipaybarah: fair enough

azipaybarah: the politicker wins by TKO! Belated IMterview: Ryan Moses