Broome County Dispatch

The Chairman of the Broome County Democrats, Mike Najarian, is circulating a letter to fellow Democrats expressing some distress at Joe Bruno’s recent kind words for Tom Suozzi on NY1 News.

“I think he’s an extremely charismatic vote getter, and I think he’s very bright and very articulate,” said Bruno. “I’m going to kind of enjoy his participation and what goes on, and watch it and just see how it all plays out.”

Najarian — so many counties! — writes: “I thought you should see the attached report from NY 1 chronicling Tom Suozzi’s love fest with Joe Bruno yesterday. Clearly this is disturbing for rank and file Democrats and reformers across New York.

“Joe Bruno and Senate Republicans have stood in the way of real reform and are at the root of the corrupt pay-to-play culture that dominates Albany. How can Tom Suozzi call himself a reformer while he continues to play footsie with the man whose son and brother have made tens of thousands of dollars off of New York state taxpayers?” Broome County Dispatch