Crouching Gerstein, Hidden Wolfson

This is, admittedly, a bit inside, but this (absurd) local television report on the race between Kirsten Gillibrand and John Sweeney features a couple of great moments in New York political consulting, not to mention TV political reporting.

Hillary aide Howard Wolfson flits uncomfortably through one or two frames, but the real highlight is the medium-sized former Lieberman aide Dan Gerstein, who prompts the outraged-yet-macho-and-brave television reporter — who is demanding why Gillibrand is taking money from lobbyists, and has apparently been required to wait a minute or two to talk to the candidate — to tell his viewers, that the campaign has set “a big guy to stand in the doorway” to keep him from the truth.

“Your handlers seem to want to prevent us from talking to you,” the WNYT-Albany reporter tells Gillibrand a few minutes later, before settling triumphantly for a boring soundbite. Crouching Gerstein, Hidden Wolfson