Dubai? Yes You Can!

Via The Gutter.

Here at the Observer we’re a little obsessed with Dubai lately. So we were pretty thrilled to come across this item from embittered architecture blogger The Gutter today.

Apparently Dubai is such a cipher, that when architects are doing renderings of new towers to be built there, it behoves them to drop in the skyline of another city behind the proposed tower, instead of placing it in Dubai, actually. Here’s one, to the right, which was apparently really made by architects to model the foregrounded tower; the image was reproduced in Architectural Record (sans crazy-looking red notations).

Which makes us wonder as we always do whether Dubai actually exists, or whether it’s just an alternate reality that sucks lawyers and bankers in through a wormhole. We’re not alone. The Gutter’s correspondent writes:

Quoting the Arch.Record (Feb. 2006) article: “Reality in Dubai can prove more bizarre than photographs of it.” Apparently sometimes buildings that don’t even exist in Dubai can show up. Maybe Boston is actually Dubai and nobody’s bothered to tell us. Or maybe, just maybe, in an effort to drive up sales, the Pru powers-that-be created some kind of weird tesseract thingy around the Prudential Center that makes it exist outside our space-time, allowing it to appear in both cities simultaneously, but neither city realizes it and somehow DOSarchitects was able to show us the truth; what reality actually looks like.

– Tom McGeveran

Dubai? Yes You Can!