[em]UPDATED:[/em] Hooters ‘Hoax’ at 2nd Avenue Deli

Eater made the call: ‘Coming Soon’ signs for a Hooters at the old Second Ave. Deli were indeed a hoax. Now, will the proud prankster please step up?

Below is our earlier post where we were embarrassingly credulous:

Signs appeared taped to the glass of the shuttered 2nd Avenue Deli this afternoon announcing the installment of a Hooters restaurant on the site of the venerated delicatessen.

The food Web log Eater quickly dispatched a correspondent, who took lots of pictures: see them here.

Eater posits it as a hoax. Wouldn’t they put the signs on the inside of the glass? Would Hooters use an InkJet printer?

Our answers are kind of ‘yes’ and ‘yes,’ but we don’t know Hooters well.

But follow the link to see passersby reacting to the signs.

We’re still not so sure it’s a hoax. After all, the old gay standard at Second Avenue and Fourth Street is now a wanna-be Coyote Ugly. Stranger things have happened.
– Tom McGeveran

[em]UPDATED:[/em] Hooters ‘Hoax’ at 2nd Avenue Deli