Escape from the Wedding

AIMEE: I gave into temptation and did something reckless today: I went to the movies. For months I haven’t been able to justify spending free time on anything besides the wedding. If I do, I feel like I’m cheating on my wedding, letting it down, not giving it the attention it needs and deserves – the way some might feel about a child or a dog.

But today I needed to escape to a dark theater for two hours and watch Something New, far away from all talk of table linens, calligraphy styles, guest lists and hurt feelings. Ironically, perhaps as punishment for the afternoon of neglect, I had to endure an easy, breezy, low-key wedding scene (what flagrant misrepresentation). Lately I’ve been wondering if this wedding I’m planning is really the right one. I have no doubt that it will be beautiful and special, but right now it’s turning kind, generous, considerate people crazy. Maybe I should have pushed harder for the Bahamas and a ceremony in the sand.

According to my wedding planner/therapist Jen A.: “It always gets resolved by the time the wedding rolls around.” We’ll see. Escape from the Wedding