Exclusive: Hillary Against Wal-Bank

Senator Clinton had a bout of Glenn Thrush-induced amnesia on the subject of what she did on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors back in the day in Arkansas, but she’s gone on the offensive against the retail mega-chain in recent days.

It was reported Friday that she returned donations from company execs. Now, The Politicker has obtained a letter(.pdf) from her to the Acting Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the guy who won’t be replaced by Diana Taylor) in which she opposes Wal-Mart’s application for federal insurance on deposits in a bank-like entity it owns.

This is hardly a radical position — it’s Alan Greenspan’s stand — and the letter is pretty Greenspanian. She writes to “express my serious reservations” about insuring deposits at “industrial loan companies,” and adds, “I am concerned about the recent attempts of wholly commercial entities such as e Wal-Mart, to exploit a loophole in this existing prohibition in order to expand their reach into the banking and
financial services realm.”

Still, Hillary’s friends in labor will no doubt notice. Exclusive: Hillary Against Wal-Bank