Flatiron Apple Store on Hiatus?

Plans to replace the old Andrews Coffee Shop (left) on Fifth Avenue at 18th Street with a new structure to house the Apple Store (right) appear to be on hold.

Well, they were already questionable: back in July we reported on the local community board’s problems with the design, and spokesperson Monika Wik had this to say:

In researching the store location you point our below [sic], 136 Fifth Ave.. [sic] I see no such plans for a store, as such I consider the location a speculation at this time and therefore cannot comment on speculation and rumor.
Thank you,

Now, a sign in the window of the store offers it for lease through Robert K. Futterman. Here’s the listing.

Rent is not disclosed–that’s only available upon request. But it’s a 12-year term, immediate occupancy, and in a “Comments” section, the listing reads: “Sublease from Apple.”

Also, that rendering was obtained by The Real Estate through the community board, which voted against the proposed rebuild last summer.

Anyone know what gives?

– Tom McGeveran Flatiron Apple Store on Hiatus?