Friday IMterview: Dan Cantor

No multi-media today, just old-fasioned text. Dan Cantor, executive director of the Working Families Party, discusses his party’s plans for

No multi-media today, just old-fasioned text. Dan Cantor, executive director of the Working Families Party, discusses his party’s plans for statewide and congressional races, and takes the occasional shot at his interviewer’s habits of self-promotion. (Which reminds me: Catch The Politicker on Channel 4 af 6:00.

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benobserver: First of all, where is the WFP going to be putting its resources this year?

Cantor: Two main places.
Cantor: One – getting a big vote for Eliot Spitzer on Row E/WFP. And two, our health care campaign holding large corporations accountable.
Cantor: We want to make sure that they provide decent health benefits for their employees. Nothing fancy, just common decency.
Cantor: Where are you putting your resources in 2006?
Cantor: Besides the usual self-aggrandizement common to all political reporters??? [Just kidding].


benobserver: Hey I ask the questions here buddy.
benobserver: What about the Brooklyn congressional races?

Cantor: Ed Towns has been a disappointment. His implicit support (by being absent) for Bush’s budget was a disgrace. The race is still shaping up, but it feels like he could have a serious challenge.
Cantor: Not to mention the votes on the estate tax and CAFTA.

benobserver: The three likely candidates — Barron, Powell, Green — all have huge flaws.
benobserver: Either serious legal troubles, or positions that I think might even be to the left of the WFP.
benobserver: Would you be willing to back a guy who has embraced Robert Mugabe? Doesn’t he become a liability for you?

Cantor: Our members will be interviewing all the candidates in May, including any new ones who surface between now and then.

benobserver: Do you expect any others to surface?

Cantor: Brooklyn is the borough of gossip, so who knows?

benobserver: Well could you see the party backing one of those three?
benobserver: yes/no if possible

Cantor: Yes.
Cantor: Ya happy?

benobserver: one other thing:

Cantor: i wait breathlessly.

benobserver: How does the Democratic primary for Governor play out? Is Suozzi a threat to Spitzer?

Cantor: You’ll like this. Another one word answer. No.
Cantor: Spitzer will be the most progressive Governor since FDR. We have never been so united behind a candidate.

benobserver: What percentage does Suozzi get in the Democratic primary, if you care to guess?
benobserver: [I know it’s a hard question…but we both probably need to go home now…]

Cantor: I don’t know. Suozzi people’s s rap is “don’t underestimate him.” But I think it is hard to overestimate Spitzer’s appeal, so I can’t imagine he does that well. Still, that’s why they hold elections. To see who wins, and so you have something to write about

Friday IMterview: Dan Cantor