Gillibrand Apologizes

Erik Engquist of Crains forwards on some correspondence between him and Bill Lambdin, the Albany television reporter made legendary (in a very, very small circle) earlier this week with his brave confrontation with Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign.

Engquist emailed, “Is politics so boring that your reporters have to barge through press people rather than wait a few minutes to speak to a candidate?”

From Lambdin’s response:

“It was not a matter of waiting a few minutes to speak to someone. Obviously, we can(and almost always) do that. It was a matter of an unidentified person placing himself in the middle of an open doorway and telling reporters and photogs that they could not enter an open room that many other people had already occupied. This was for an event to which we had been invited. Further, this unidentified person was claiming to speak for the candidate. How do we know he was authorized to do that? Indeed, subsequently we have been told he was not….

“It may interest you to know that I attended a breakfast today that was also attended by the candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand. She chose to come up to me, shake my hand and apologize profusely. I told her that was not necessary or expected, but it was appreciated. She has no problem with it (unless you want to assume that what she says is not what she means).”

Well, great TV in any case. Gillibrand Apologizes