Golisano: What Might Have Been

A disappointed key Golisano advisor emailed over this morning an outline of the campaign that wasn’t, which I thought would make interesting reading for all involved.

Here’s what you would have seen, had Tom pulled the trigger:

“Golisano had a clear path to beat Spitzer.

“We would have taken Daniels for LG and spent what Bloomberg spent to win African-American votes, challenging Paterson Downstate. Two Downstaters on the ticket would have been exploited Upstate.

“Eliot is vulnerable as hell on his first campaign financing, taking campaign contributions from people he is investigating, NOT busting Carl McCall when he busted 2 prominant Italo-Americans at the NYSE, the whitewash of the World Jewish Congress mess (there is far more there), his ANTI position on Medical marijuana (Golisano and Bruno ready to legalize!), and his warm lovable personality.

“The Transit strike really changed the public view of public sector unions and 1199….we would have beaten the heck out of Rivera and his sweetheart deal to bankrupt New York State.

“But it is not to be.

“Bill Weld is a good guy, but Decker is fatal.”

Golisano: What Might Have Been