Have You Met My Friend…Before?

“Ever wondered whether greasing the right palm will get you a leg up in this town? The answer is, in the right time and place, it definitely can.”
BRIBERY…WILL GET YOU ANYWHERE, by Chris Erikson, The New York Post, February 8, 2006.

“Why pay several hundred dollars for a scalped ticket when the hand of a willing bouncer might be greased for only 50? Of course, bribery is illegal, and I felt filthy even thinking about it. But the summer changes people, and as the days grew long and warm, I resolved to try my hand.”
Allow Me to Introduce My Friend, Andrew Jackson, by Dana Vachon, The New York Times, September 5, 2004.

“When it comes to the language of money, credit cards are nouns. Dull, concrete, limited by rules and restrictions and creepy fine print, credit cards have all the élan of aluminum foil. Personal checks–the coward’s stand-in for cash–are ugly and static pronouns. But a twenty-dollar bill, now, that’s a thing of beauty. Nothing static about a twenty. Used correctly, a twenty is all about movement, access, cachet. Forget the other bills.”
The $20 Theory of the Universe, by Tom Chiarella, Esquire, March, 2003.

Matt Haber Have You Met My Friend…Before?