Hillary’s Marital Trouble

Okay, so maybe not everybody is rooting for Hillary.

For example, outside her fundraiser at Crobar last night, there were by my count, 9 antiwar protesters from the ever fashionable group CodePink.

There may be more.

The Stonewall Democratic Club, who seem to like asking their guests about gay marriage, is having their monthly meeting tonight. Hillary is not one of the invited guests, but AG candidate Denise O’Donnell and political strategist Jerry Skurnik are (so is Bronx Democratic Leader Jose Rivera, but the group says he hasn’t confirmed yet). [grammar and name corrected. It is just one of those mornings.]

Coming one day after Alan van Capelle’s criticism of Hillary‘s position on gay marriage, the meeting should fun. [spelling corrected]

Azi Paybarah Hillary’s Marital Trouble