Hoop Dreams

Apparently, Mike isn’t the only one who gets a little bi-partisan.

At the Queens Republican County annual dinner, Serph Maltese gave a friendly shout out to “the most conservative Democrat in the City Council,” Democrat Peter Vallone, Jr.

A Vallone source said he dropped in on the party at Roma View Caters in Howard Beach to show support for Long Island Congressman Peter King (he’s Republican too) for his work on security issues.

Another eyebrow-raising moment came when Randy Daniels tried showing that his gubernatorial race wasn’t over. For inspiration, he referred to an autistic basketball player in Syracuse who scored six 3-pointers. According to a source there, the story was more inspiring than the actual campaign.

Dept. of Clarification: Vallone’s office IM’s the following statement: “I think its important to realize that there is no solely Democratic or solely Republican way to keep the city safe. They have always supported our efforts to keep the city safe from terrorism, hire more police officers, and go after even minor crimes like graffiti and I look forward to working with them on these important issues in the future.”

Azi Paybarah Hoop Dreams