Introducing Kara…

kara baskin photo
Diane and Joy Lapseritis and Kara Baskin (right)

KARA: “You know,” my mother recalled recently in a wistful tone, “you always did keep a very nice day planner.” Both of my parents have always been extremely attentive and involved in all aspects of my life. So I knew the Save-the-Date color scheme would matter a lot to them. But the decision has far greater ramifications than I recognized. Because it’s not just a decision about Save-the-Dates. This little card will dictate the color scheme for my entire wedding: flowers, linens, everything.

I initially dreamt of red and gold: brave, strong, powerful.

“Like menus in a Chinese restaurant?” asked my mother.

OK, then. “How about blue and gold?”

“Are you a sailor announcing his triumphant return from a month at sea?” If pressed I am.

Finally, this weekend my mother and I nixed gold writing entirely in favor of champagne and celadon from the Twenty-First Century Bride’s Palette of Total Self-Involvement and Colors That Don’t Occur in Nature. So there you have it.

– Kara Baskin Introducing Kara…