Introducing Kara…

My parents have always been very attentive, endlessly supportive and very involved in all aspects of my life, for better or for worse. “You know,” my mother recalled recently in a wistful tone, “you always did keep a very nice day planner.”

So I knew the Save-the-Date color scheme would matter a great deal to everyone. But the decision had far greater ramifications than even I recognized. You see, it’s not just a decision about Save-the-Date colors. No. Would that it were so simple. This initial communication will dictate the color scheme for my entire wedding: flowers, linens — there’s no turning back.

I initially dreamt of red and gold: festive, strong, powerful – a bold statement about me, my fiancé and our life together.

“Red and gold? Like menus in a Chinese restaurant?” asked my mother.

OK, then. “How about blue and gold?”

“Are you a sailor announcing his triumphant return from a month at sea?” Maybe. If pressed.

Finally, this weekend my mother and I nixed gold writing entirely, in favor of champagne and celadon from the Twenty-First Century Bride’s Palette of Total Self-Involvement and Colors That Don’t Occur in Nature.

So there you have it.

Introducing Kara…