Kickin’ It Family-Style at Tom Ford’s Ranch

Just another gathering at Tom Ford’s place.

Tom Ford needs a really big house in his native Santa Fe, and now he can have it! So said the Historic Design Review Board of the Santa Fe city council, in an 11 p.m. vote Tuesday night. (Thanks to Luxist for the initial link.)

The Free New Mexican says:

Ford, 44, who grew up in Santa Fe, attended the meeting in his trademark outfit: a white shirt with its top buttons open, a dark sports coat, jeans and cowboy boots. He has said he needs a large house to accommodate his family, which often visits him. He already owns the east-side home where he grew up, plus a ranch with an orchard and vineyard near Galisteo, where he is building a house. He also has homes in Los Angeles and London.

Well, his plans to build a 14,000-square-foot hilltop home hovering over the east side of Santa Fe have already been through the wringer. Here’s his “design consultant,” Jennifer Jenkins:

Jenkins said the overall square-footage of the plan had been reduced by about 4,000 feet since it was first brought before the review board in December. She also said the garage had been scaled down, the height of the rooftops reduced and the exterior lighting overhauled to protect the view of the night sky. She read letters from Ford supporters who said Santa Fe was lucky to have a “local boy” turned celebrity who wants to return home.

Umm, in Santa Fe the locals are a smidgen jumpy about that last bit.

Just read the pages and pages of comments under the New Mexican piece to absorb the latent text about sexuality, class and race for yourself–or sample a couple of choice ones after the jump!

“Calvin R. College” says:

I am where I am by my own hard work, I’m not rich by any means although I live rather comfortable on a well earned pension, I have no delusions of grandor. I do not have smoking bodys with foot prints on them behind and or under my feet.. I’m not saying this person we are speaking of does although one does not amase tens of millions by being a choir boy. Peace !

“Dennis Trambley” writes:

Some strive to get better and be better, and then “those darned eeeeemmmigrants” start to show up. Not to mention the “breeders” poppin out those off-spring. Where exactly are all those “babies” goin to shack up? Over at your place?

“Miguel Vigil” offers:

Thanks for the link to Ford’s latest “work” Matt. Truly disgusting and it shows how superficial and shallow he must be, this is just over-the-top consumerism, his house and his work. Sad that society values this junk. The bible also says: “It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven”.
Kickin’ It Family-Style at Tom Ford’s Ranch