Kool Aid for Manhattan?

Sarah Lyons, a Lenora Fulani ally was removed yesterday as the County Chairperson for the Independence Party on Staten Island.

Replacing Sarah is 21-year-old Frank Morano, formerly of Draft Golisano fame.

So far, the state Independence Party has taken action in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

So what is next? A recall of Manhattan County Chair Cathy Stewart?

State Chairman Frank McKay hopes so. The numbers, he said, are there. Then again, so is Fred Newman.

Of the 900 or so county committee members in Manhattan, “I feel very strongly that there are 106 to 163 outright cult members that, I hope this never happens, but if Fred Newman ever asked them to drink Kool Aid…that they might actually do that,” McKay told The Politicker. “I hope it’s simply a political cult.”

Most of the others don’t even know they’re on the county committee, he said.

Azi Paybarah

Kool Aid for Manhattan?