Larry Ellison Sells!

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Ellison’s estate: $25 million.

The Walk-Through gets more goods on the new financial strains on Oracle C.E.O. Larry Ellison’s famously lavish budget.

Today, file under “Distressed Property Sale!”

Look at the annoying Macromedia flash file here to see his Japanese-styled estate in Atherton, now on the market.

Here’s the original San Francisco Chronicle article, which printed excerpts of emails to Larry from his financial advisor that were becoming unearthed in a shareholder lawsuit against the multibillionaire.

Money quote: “I don’t want you to end up like … Bernie Ebbers, and the countless others.”

Hidden at the bottom appears to be what Ellison spent on the estate, which includes a reproduction of a 17th-century Kyoto teahouse: $200 million.

Current asking price appears to be $25 million.

– Tom McGeveran Larry Ellison Sells!