Larry Live

Larry Silverstein again suggests in a Real Deal podcast that the Freedom Tower is unappealing from a commercial point of view (or at least less appealing), but that later sites at Ground Zero are shaped to move. “Three of the five sites are really unique sites: 2, 3 and 4 in that their footprints are 70-75-80,000-square-foot-footprints…. There is no place else in the city of New York where you can get anywhere near that.” Ideal for trading floors, a waste for residential.

Tower 2 will go at the southeast corner of Greenwich and Vesey streets. Towers 3 and 4 will go south of them, above the PATH station and subway connections.

We wrote earlier that both Silverstein and the city are acting as if the Libeskind site plan is making it hard to rent space down there. We should have been more precise. Libeskind was responsible for placing the largest building, the Freedom Tower, the furthest out. Charles Bagli wrote this weekend that it was the Governor who determined that the Freedom Tower, arguably the hardest to fill, be built first.

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