Lt. Governor Andrews?

Is Rob Andrews interested in a spot on Jon Corzine’s ticket next year as the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor?

"I'm considering getting up tomorrow morning and doing my job. I never speculate. I'm running for re-election now and 2008 comes before 2009,” Andrews told Washington correspondent Zach Silber on Monday night.

But would the ten-term Congressman from Camden County — widely viewed as a likely candidate for Governor or U.S. Senate if one of the incumbents declines to run again — withdraw his name from consideration to a bid to become New Jersey’s first Lt. Governor?

“I wouldn’t say that,” says Andrews.

Andrews on former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft being asked to testify before a House Judiciary subcommittee on his federal monitor contract, but not U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie: "I think he should testify. I think are legitimate questions to be asked here and he should answer them".

Regardless of the outcome of the seventh district Republican congressional primary, it’s very likely that Kate Whitman won’t be her party’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor if Chris Christie is the GOP gubernatorial candidate.


Because the U.S. Attorney probably isn’t anxious to see bumper stickers that say: Christie-Whitman ’09.

Lt. Governor Andrews?